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How to pick a partner on the road to independence

In the midst of enormous change, many elite advisers find themselves at a crossroads, trying to determine the next stage for themselves, their teams and their clients. Often the path to independence is among the options considered. You’ve spent decades building and nurturing your practice. It’s not just a business — it’s truly a part of you.

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Odds are high that you have not given much thought to your firm’s succession plan, but it would be better for your business if you did.

In June, the SEC proposed making such considerations mandatory for RIAs. If that proposal becomes a regulatory requirement, you may have significant catching up to do. But succession planning is not just a chore. It’s a process by which RIA owners can evaluate the current state of their business, determine a reasonable valuation for it and pursue upgrades to enhance that valuation.

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Succession Planning: You Owe it to Your Employees

This is an all too common refrain in our industry. Most advisors have great client service people and administrators but not necessarily folks who can run their business on their behalf. Being an entrepreneur and thinking like one does not come naturally to most people.

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Advisors Shouldn’t Count On Their Children As Continuity Plans

“My succession plan is pretty set – my kids are graduating from college and will be joining the business in 1-2 years.” ― Advisor X.

And this is the most common response in the industry. Advisors believe their children will be the perfect succession plan they and dwell in that false sense of comfort. Below is one such real life example from an advisor I’ll call Tom.*

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Bring the iPhone Approach to Your Practice

The pace of RIA-focused technology development in the last 12 months feels like 10 years wrapped into one.

My team and I have had a bird’s eye view of this development across some of the most profitable RIAs in the business due to our work at Focus Financial Partners. Whether it’s a partner firm or one of the prospective RIAs I sit with each day, the same questions get asked: “What is going on in the RIA fintech space?” and, “Should I buy XYZ to solve for my issues?”

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