Your Customizable Platform

Focus Independence can help your team create customized technology, operations, marketing and compliance solutions designed precisely for the way you want to do business. Want to leverage our knowledge, scale and expertise to build one of the most sophisticated firms in the industry?

The Economics of Going Independent

Focus will provide your team with the support and financial resources you need to leave your current financial institution and become truly independent. Is our model right for your team?

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partnerfirms-thumbMeet Our Partner Firms

With partner firms across North America, Australia and the UK, we foster collaborative relationships – facilitating the sharing of ideas and best practices and encouraging firms to tap into the partnership’s vast resources. How have our partners grown since joining Focus? READ MORE


growing-chart-thumbBuilding & Growing Your RIA

Focus Independence provides a seamless transition to independence and entrepreneurship, backed by ongoing value-added benefits, including scale-based access to resources and controls to help ensure your new firm’s growth and profitability. Ready to build a world-class RIA your way?

focusAdvantage-thumbThe Focus Advantage

In just six years, Focus has become the world’s leading partnership of independent wealth advisors consisting of over 40 partner firms. How can Focus Independence help your team break away and launch your own successful, independent RIA?  READ MORE

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