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Focus Financial Partners is at the forefront of a growing movement towards transparency and independence that’s sweeping the wealth management industry. Our partners are carefully selected based on the highest standards of excellence. Together they form a powerful network that supports collaborative relationships and the sharing of resources and best practices. Find out how the Focus partnership can help grow and invigorate your business.

Resnick Advisors, Westport, CT
Focus Partner since June 2006

“The Focus partnership gives us access to information, idea-sharing, and resources we would never have been able to achieve on our own. We’re now able to compete with the bigger firms and all of their resources, but stay entrepreneurial while doing it. Specifically, Focus has helped us implement a new rebalancing system, and increase the robustness of our compliance program. Additionally, they’ve helped us think through partnership planning initiatives and create growth strategies for the future.” — Marty Resnick, Partner and Managing Director

Based in Westport, CT, Resnick has been a Registered Investment Advisor in the professional investment management business since 1990. Founder Marty Resnick, with Joe McBride, John Fitzgerald and Peter A. Karadimas, serves affluent individuals and families, pension and profit-sharing plans, trusts, estates, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Resnick also advises clients on the financial implications of complex issues such as inheritance, divorce, retirement, education funding plans, and career transitions.

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