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Ilse Hamblin

Manager – Meetings & Events

Ilse is responsible for all aspects of planning and coordinating Focus events and conferences, including the semi-annual Partners Meeting, CIO Summit and COO/CCO Summit. Additionally as part of the marketing team, she helps administer client events for Partner Firms across the country, as well as produce promotional items for Focus conferences and Partner-specific events. Ilse also provides administrative support to Managing Director, Rajini Kodialam.

Prior to joining Focus, Ilse lived and worked in her native South Africa where she garnered over 8 years of Event Management and Administration experience. Ilse received a BA in International Relations as well as a post-graduate Honors degree in Political Science from the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town, South Africa. Outside of work, Ilse enjoys reading, Bikram Yoga, traveling and spending time with her husband Adrian and son Gray.

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