• Who we are: A leading international partnership of independent, fiduciary wealth management firms in the United States, Australia, Canada and the U.K.

    Our independent partners are carefully selected based on standards of excellence. Since our beginnings, the partnership has grown with firms that share our philosophy of independent advice and a strong commitment to serving clients’ wealth management needs. The talented firms who join Focus Financial Partners are passionate about their purpose. The advisors have vast expertise, their bench is deep, and they are supported by what we believe is the strongest partnership in the world.
  • Why we are different: Our partner firms give unconflicted and unbiased advice.

    Focus Financial Partner firms are Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), and unlike brokers and wealth managers in large investment institutions, they craft their financial plans with no incentive to use any proprietary products or investment vehicles. The advisors at our partner firms take a client's entire financial picture into account, then offer the best solutions – rather than choosing the most convenient or lucrative method. They choose to advise rather than sell. Unlike other advisors, they have access to resources, including research, new technologies, talent acquisitions and partnerships, regular audits by big four accounting firms and deep bench strength. They also use best practices to ensure continuity. What does this mean for you? An expansion of service offerings by a talented team and the assurance of knowing that your advisor's interest is your best interest.
  • What we deliver: The support our partners need to do what they do best.

    Focus offers support in key areas that enable our partner firms to build trust with their clients and deliver world-class service. Our partners believe in providing offerings beyond asset management, and deliver holistic and comprehensive advice. Rather than just managing investments, our firms know you and consider your needs, wants, and goals, as well as your family's, when managing your portfolio and estate. They are here to be on call, to anticipate things you may not have considered, and plan for the ups and downs of life. The end result? Comprehensive advice, planning and peace of mind.
  • Our Commitment: Your interests always come first.

    With Focus partner firms, you always know where you stand and what you’re invested in. Your advisors are here when you need them, responsive to all questions and calls, no matter the circumstance. Knowledgeable, educated and experienced, they’re on your side – never selling – working on your behalf with your other trusted professionals.
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