Every entrepreneur asks the same question: ‘Am I satisfied with my present accomplishments, or do I want to take my business and my vision to new heights?’

People who join Focus Financial Partners have actively chosen the second option. These are the people who want to test the limits of their ability — either at their individual firms or as advisors looking to break away from larger firms.

Focus invests in your vision and helps make it real with guidance, capital and connections.

Continue to grow, while retaining your independence and your legacy.

There are many reasons to join focus. But they all start with a vision.

Why Others Have
Joined Focus


“Focus helped us to orchestrate multiple mergers and strategic hires, enabling us to expand to Los Angeles and Sacramento, start a women’s initiative and add next-generation talent.”

Mark Delfino, CEO & Senior Managing Director, HoyleCohen, San Diego CA, Focus Partner since 2007

Merger opportunities can turbo charge a firm’s growth strategy and lead to better outcomes by adding scale and talent, enhancing capabilities and entering new geographies and client segments. We put our deal expertise and capital to work for our partners to add M&A to their growth trajectory.

Enabling the
Next Generation
to Buy In

“The Focus transaction made it possible for us to extend equity participation to high profile employees, adding a multi-tiered generation of owners. We more than doubled the owner participation level, making us a much stronger firm.”

Roger Wade, Principal and Founding Partner, GW & Wade, Wellesley MA, Partner since 2007

A firm’s growth and success can make succession more complicated and expensive for the next generation. A partnership with Focus makes it easier for the next generation to buy in. Our model allows for the future leaders to acquire equity and leverage our capital and expertise to take the firm to the next level.


“When you launch a new firm you are putting together a swirling vortex of technological, legal and operational infrastructures for your new enterprise. You need to develop a transition plan to work through all of these issues. Focus was invaluable during this process.”

Gerald Goldberg, CEO and Co-Founder, GYL Financial Synergies, West Hartford CT, Partner since 2016

We help successful wirehouse advisors launch independent firms in order to deliver truly fiduciary advice to their clients, and at the same time build true franchise equity value. Our Independence solution also offers opportunities for teams and advisors to join one of our partner firms.


“We upgraded our CRM and client reporting capabilities, created a new website, learned social media marketing and started doing events. Focus was the catalyst.”

David Daniel, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Summit Financial Wealth Advisors, Lafayette LA, Partner since 2014

Our team of 70+ professionals, as well as the expertise of 50+ partner firms, is at your service to assist in the following areas:

  • Firm strategy
  • Recruiting
  • Legal, regulatory and cyber-security
  • Operations and technology
  • Marketing


“Our firm had reached a high level of success, but was at an inflection point. I was looking for a partner that could support our leadership transition. Focus and Buckingham created a tailored solution – one that exceeded what we thought was possible.”

Robert Grey, Founder, Denver Money Manager (merged with Buckingham Strategic Wealth in 2016)

Solving an organization’s succession plan is a critical promise to both clients and employees. We provide liquidity and ensure a multi-generational legacy, all while the entrepreneurs continue to lead their business.

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